Dignity Integrity Respect

Family law is one of the most challenging areas of law to practice because of the deeply emotional, personal and psychological issues involved, many of which involve children, family relationships, and established friendships on both sides … and now everyone involved is thrown into an uncertain, unpleasant, and unwelcome situation.

Issues and problems that force a married couple to seek out attorneys often develop over years or decades. These issues will continue to be present throughout any dispute resolution mechanism or process whether it involves settlement discussions, mediation, or trial.

Who we are and how we act around our family, close friends and colleagues is often not who we are and how we act when we are dealing with a divorcing spouse, their family, or their attorney.

Regardless of how the other spouse, their family, or their attorney has acted or is acting, maintaining your dignity, integrity, and respect throughout the process is of the utmost importance for you, your children, your family and our firm.

You may have all of the reason in the world to feel angry, hurt, threatened, humiliated, abandoned, etc. That does not justify changing who you are to match the behavior of the person(s) you are dealing with in a divorce. Maintaining your dignity, your integrity and showing respect for all persons involved reflects on who you are and how you are seen by your children and the world around you.

Our promise to you

Our firm is relentlessly dedicated to helping you maintain the dignity, integrity and respect that you deserve, helping you when you fall, and providing solutions and tools to use when you don’t feel like “taking the high road.”