Other Areas of Practice

Consumer law

Consumer laws exist to protect consumers from deceptive business practices and dangerous products, but there are also laws in place to protect businesses from liability.

An example of some Texas consumer laws are:

  • Homestead Laws
  • Deceptive Trade Practice Act
  • Antitrust Laws
  • Identity Theft Laws
  • Lemon Laws
  • Interest Rate Laws

When you need protection from an unscrupulous business or business owner or need to enforce one of the above consumer law statutes, an experienced ally and attorney is an asset. We have handled consumer law cases for over 13 years and can help you navigate the issues and obtain relief.

Asset Recovery and Collections

When a party to a contract defaults or fails to honor their financial or other obligations, we can help you enforce the agreement and recover assets (cash, property, or other rights) that were part of the agreement.

If necessary, we can represent you in court to enforce the agreement and then collect on any judgment obtained through the courts, and we use state-of-the-art technology and resources to identify and seize property when necessary.