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   Family Law

Ending a marriage involves complicated and often delicate matters. You need a respectful, honorable, professional and skilled family law attorney at your side to balance the emotions of the divorce. Learn about all of our Divorce and Child Issues services. After a divorce or suit affecting the parent-child relationship, the parties might need to modify a final order when their circumstances change, such as a parent moving away or an increase or decrease in income.

   Civil Litigation

Working hand in hand with our business litigation avoidance model, we can assist your business, large or small, with business and commercial litigation matters sophisticated or straightforward.


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Kids and Divorce  

Read this letter offering some thoughtful perspective from a child of parents going through a divorce.

Kids have rights too  

In a divorce, sometimes the rights of the child can get overlooked. Read the Children’s Bill of Rights.

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  Do you need a modification?

After a divorce, you might need to modify the final order if there have been significant changes in circumstances (a parent moves, income increases or decreases).

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