What impacts fees?

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Client participation impacts costs

While these answers are important, they are not as important as a client’s participation in their case. The overall cost of a case often depends on how a client approaches the role of the lawyer. A lawyer is hired to analyze the facts and law surrounding a particular issue and obtain the best possible result for the client with the information provided. The lawyer is not a marriage or divorce counselor, not a therapist, not a tax professional (although some may be), and not a financial advisor, consultant or appraiser hired to determine which assets to keep and which to give up. To manage cases efficiently and keep costs low, we involve qualified professionals to address non-legal matters.

It makes more sense to pay an accountant, counselor, therapist, appraiser, etc. $75-150 per hour than it does to pay your attorney to consult you on matters outside their area of expertise.

Billing increments

We bill in six-minute increments (which equates to one-tenth of an hour). All clients are educated as to what constitutes paralegal work and what work must be performed by a licensed attorney. Discounts to the hourly rates are available and discussed at the initial interview.

Homework assignments

Efficiency is a cornerstone of our firms’ character. We assign homework to our clients that when completed, enables us to become better aware of the specifics of a client’s case, allows us to perform better, and ensures we obtain the best possible result. A few examples of homework assignments are:

The Journal – a tool we use to manage information concerning the background, facts and circumstances of each client’s case. When used properly and updated regularly, the Journal reduces fees associated with work performed by the lawyer and paralegal.
The Inventory – a tool we use to manage financial information concerning the spouses’ community and separate property. When information is entered properly and corresponding documents provided in a timely manner, fees are minimized.

Factors sometimes beyond our control

While we strive to efficiently manage our client’s case, sometimes factors beyond our control affect the cost of litigation. These factors could include:

  • Your spouse or the other parent’s access to additional financial resources to prolong litigation and drive up costs
  • Your spouse or the other parent’s attitude concerning the divorce or the parent-child relationship
  • Your spouse or the other parent’s lawyer and that lawyer’s willingness to achieve a speedy and fair resolution
  • Some typical expenses
  • Filing fees (Petition for Divorce, Petition for Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship, Petition for Modification, Motion for Enforcement):
    • Travis County- Original Filing Fees $275- $300; Issuance of Citation $8
    • Williamson County- Original Filing Fees $266- $281; Issuance of Citation $8
    • Hays County- Original Filing Fees $278- $293; Issuance of Citation $8
    • Burnet County- Original Filing Fees $247- $263; Issuance of Citation $8
  • Witness fees
  • Discovery – obtaining information from your spouse
  • Private Investigators & Background Checks
  • Court Transcript fees for hearings in:
  • Current divorce cases
  • Prior divorce or custody cases
  • Other cases involving the spouse(s)
  • Criminal or civil cases where a spouse participated as a witness
  • Background search
    • Individual $20.25
    • Business $60.00
  • Private Investigators Approximately $75- $125/hour
  • Deposition Fees: Court reporter & Transcript Approx. $250-$275/hour
  • Process Servers $65 – 125 per service (varies with attempts to serve, Includes Witness Tender Fees if Applicable)

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