Fee Options

1. Full-Service Representation

We handle everything

Full-Service Representation involves complete, start-to-finish legal counseling and representation. At our initial consultation, we determine what issues are involved and try to estimate how much work is involved and how much it may cost. A retainer amount is set and we begin work immediately.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is an amount of money a client provides to fund the payment of attorney’s fees and expenses. It is required for us to begin work and represents you hiring us. The retainer is not the estimated total cost of the matter and should not be considered the final payment.

The retainer is deposited into a separate trust account called an IOLTA and withdrawals are made to pay fees and expenses. Bi-monthly invoices are sent to the client detailing the work completed, expenses incurred, and transfers made from the IOLTA to the law firm.

Do it yourself divorce in Texas

2. Legal Coaching and Limited Scope Representation

An alternative when finances are limited

Legal Coaching and Limited-Scope Representation (LSR) are relatively new concepts and fee systems. Not everyone needs or can afford Full-Service Representation. Initial retainers can cost from $2,500 to $10,000 and the uncertainty of how long a case will last or how much it will ultimately cost are financially challenging aspects of any case. If you are seeking a do it yourself divorce in Texas, we proudly offer Legal Coaching and LSR as an alternative when finances are limited, but you still need legal assistance.

What is ‘Pro se’?

To understand Legal Coaching and LSR, you get to learn a little Latin. Courts use the term “Pro se” to identify someone handling their own case. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning “for oneself” or “on one’s own behalf.” If you decide to handle your case Pro se, you can hire Putonti Law Firm to coach you through the process or to only handle certain tasks (LSR).


We evaluate your legal issue and guide you through the various stages and help you prepare for potential issues or common problems that may arise. Representing yourself with a lawyer coaching you through the process provides legal counseling at a significantly reduced cost.

Do it yourself divorce in Texas

With a little guidance, a prepared, confident, and dedicated person who is willing to learn and work on their own behalf can represent themselves Pro se. During strategy and planning sessions, we offer insight on your legal issue and help plan your “assignments” so you can handle your own case. We anticipate, identify, and evaluate common issues that may arise during the case and prepare a roadmap to guide you through the process. During this process, you may learn that you do not need to do anything or that the case is not worth pursuing. Sometimes, all it takes is a strategy session for you to understand what is (and what is not) possible and what you can (or can’t) do about it.

Limited Scope Representation (or LSR)

LSR involves the attorney breaking down the legal issues into segments or tasks. With LSR, you represent yourself Pro se, but you hire Putonti Law Firm to be in your corner and guide you and if you need the attorney to step in, they can handle designated segments of the case. You decide the parts of the case they handle and the parts that you will handle. The lawyer provides specific, agreed upon legal services instead of handling all aspects of the client’s case or just coaching you through it.

LSR reduces fees and expenses significantly allowing the client to benefit by obtaining legal expertise at an affordable price. Some examples of tasks or segments that can be assigned are:

  • Developing a Case Strategy or “Theme”
  • Document drafting or review
  • Appearance at court hearings
  • Appearance at a mediation
  • Information/Data gathering (financial, fault, fraud, etc.)
  • Preparation for court hearings
  • Settlement preparation (Alternative Dispute/Mediation)

Warning – LSR and Legal Coaching are not for everyone

Some tough love – you need to be reasonable and rational and use common sense to guide you. You must be able to restrain your emotions and not let them dictate your approach or decision making. Successful attorneys can manage a legal problem rationally, reasonably and without letting emotions or feelings color their approach or decision making. Attorneys involved in a case may like, trust or respect each other (or they may not). Regardless, if they want to succeed in obtaining all or most of what their client wants, they must manage their case rationally and reasonably without letting emotions distract them. They don’t let feelings or emotions influence their representation of clients. You must be able to do the same.

Coaching and LSR Overlap

You may hire Putonti Law Firm as your legal coach, but realize you need certain tasks performed on a limited-scope basis. That option is always available and will be discussed and handled when it occurs.


Looking for a Do It Yourself Divorce in Texas?

You could save time and money with Coaching or Limited Scope Representation

Different legal issues allow the opportunity for different types of representation and support. Sometimes, a complex and serious case requires full-service representation, where we handle every aspect of your case on retainer. But sometimes a do it yourself divorce in Texas can be less complex and less expensive, where you actually can manage all or part of the case with our structured guidance. What are the requirements of your unique legal situation?

Explore the details of different types of legal scenarios on this page, then scroll to the bottom and complete the short form to connect with us and see if Coaching or Limited Scope Representation offer some efficient alternatives for your case.


3. Flat Fees

A pre-determined, specified sum

Certain tasks or phases of a case allow us to charge a set, specified sum. Some examples of tasks and phases are:

  • Drafting a property agreement or pre-nuptial agreement
  • Drafting court documents – Pleadings, Motions, Responses to Motions, pre-Trial forms
  • Drafting written discovery to a party in the case or responding to written discovery
  • Defending a party to a case in a deposition; and
  • Representing a client at a court hearing.


An initial client interview is required to determine what issues exist, what work needs to be performed by the attorney and paralegal, and the amount of the Flat Fee that needs to be deposited.

Do it yourself divorce in Texas

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