Choosing the Right Lawyer

Combine the word family with law and most people get a queasy, uncomfortable feeling. Family law matters involve divorces, post-divorce issues, support obligations, and the like. Personal information and family backgrounds are shared with strangers – lawyers, paralegals, and the judicial system as a whole. Choose your lawyer carefully. Interview a few lawyers to find the right one to share your life history and current problem. Just because a relative or friend used a certain lawyer doesn’t mean that person is right for you. It’s expensive and time consuming to change lawyers mid-stream if you feel like you have the wrong person in your corner advocating for you, but it is sometimes worth the effort.

Many lawyers take on too many cases and the individual attention they promised in the initial interview becomes watered-down. When interviewing lawyers, look for things like professionalism, experience (handling both sides of litigation – such as plaintiff & defense work, male & female clients, the big corporation & the “little guy”).

Interview and question the attorney on his\her position on litigation, mediation, collaborative law, attorney-to-attorney communications and relations, etc.

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